wave studios

Born in London in 1999, wave has grown to become the leading light in audio post-production, sound design and mixing, audio creation, manipulation and innovation. With studios in London, Amsterdam, and New York, wave is the most awarded audio production facility on the planet.

As part of a commission to overhaul wave’s website, we were asked to develop their brand identity so that it better served their digital platforms by streamlining their visual vocabulary as well as adding colour and texture, and in doing so creating a new and improved identity system across the board — one befitting of an industry-revered company.

A key design feature of the user experience on the website, built by our friends at Engine, gives you the option to ‘toggle off’ videos as they play, allowing the user to simply focus on the sound.

Simple use of the brand typography and our primary ‘ocean blue’ colour is applied with confidence and consistency across all customer touchpoints, and signals a new chapter in wave’s story.

Thank–yous & Credits

Website development: Engine
Project leads: Jack Sedgwick and Dugal MacDiarmid
Special thanks: To all the incredible Sound Engineers at wave