The Natural Run Collection

Allbirds is a footwear and apparel brand at the forefront of using innovative natural and recycled materials in their products, with the ultimate aim of eliminating 100% of their carbon footprint.

When the brand launched into the athletic apparel category, their purpose was to offer customers a more sustainable way to break a sweat — eliminating the use of synthetic, oil-based materials that are the industry-standard in sportswear, and instead focusing on natural materials with supernatural abilities.

Working alongside the creative studio at Allbirds, we developed the campaign concept ‘Nature is making a comeback’ for the launch of their Natural Run Collection — a statement of intent aimed at their competitors as much as their customers.

In pursuit of the idea of a ‘natural run’, we shot the campaign in New Zealand (the birthplace of the brand) in what felt like Mother Nature’s backyard, with a cast of local athletes and run club members.

Special rigging in the forests, together with discreet set builds in the more ‘Garden of Eden’ locations, allowed us to take up vantage points and unique perspectives — filling the frame with nature in all its glory.

The campaign identity is brought to life with the headline typeface ‘Mānuka’ designed by (also) New Zealand-based type foundry, Klim. Named after the trees that feature in our film, it has compressed characters and tight spacing creating a texture that, in the designer’s own words, feels like ‘…sunlight sparkling through a forest canopy’.

Other moments were used to voice the brand’s beliefs — telling of their innovation with natural materials, as well as pointing to the wider industry’s reliance on synthetic materials.

Thank–yous & Credits

Creative Direction: Alex Valdman
Copywriting: Rian O’Neill
Art Direction & Design: Bravo. Charlie. Mike. Hotel.
Photography: Chris Sisarich
Director: Kris Hermansson
DOP: Marty Williams
Production: Wrestler
Music: Sully
Special thanks: Kate Leisy and Ryan Overhiser