Meet Maghalie Rochette

Three-times Canadian Cyclocross Champion. Three-times Pan American Cyclocross Champion. Cyclocross World Cup winner. Part-time beekeeper. Maghalie Rochette is one of the leading and most interesting female athletes in cycling — unmatched in character, charisma and her connections within the cyclocross community. Working closely with Maghalie and the project team at Rapha, we designed a kit that brings her unique story and enviable palmarès to life.

The colour palette for the collection was inspired by the autumnal brights in Maghalie’s home town of Laurentian, Quebec, and their prismatic reflections in the lakes that are always a feature of her pre-season training rides.

We designed a texture made of graphic slashes, inspired by Maghalie’s badass alter-ego, Beatrix Kiddo (from the Tarantino movie, Kill Bill) — a moniker she earned as a junior pro when her coach wrote Hattori Hanzō on her handlebars.

These ideas informed a collection of graphic details that appear across Maghalie’s race kit and on spectator merchandise. These included a custom-drawn maple leaf to feature on her Canadian Cyclocross Champion jersey and a Queen Bee at the head of the race.

Thank–yous & Credits

Athlete: Maghalie Rochette
Client Lead: John Roberts
Race Photography: Content Content
Studio Photography: Wig Worland