If it was made for sweat, it was made from oil. Nature is making a comeback.

Nature is making a comeback.

Teaser campaign, designed and directed with the incredible team at Kühl & Han, for the Natural Run Collection by Allbirds. Aired on television during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Allbirds wanted to make a statement about the wider damage caused by oil-based synthetic materials that are used throughout the sportswear industry, and their mission to provide a more sustainable way for you to break a sweat using natural materials with supernatural abilities.

The environment, lighting and soundscape was imagined and designed in collaboration with Morten Kühl and Matias Hansen from Copenhagen-based Design & Animation Studio, Kühl & Han.

Thank–yous & Credits

Creative Direction: Alex Valdman
Copywriting: Rian O’Neill
Art Direction: Bravo. Charlie. Mike. Hotel. + Kühl & Han
Design & Production: Kühl & Han, Playback Design
Additional FX Artist: Mykolas Cib
Sound Design: Echoic