Métier was created to ‘light the way’ for the future of performance apparel innovation, with the world’s first road cycling garments designed to feature integrated wearable technology.

Métier. Prepared to Ride.

Branding, garment design, packaging, website and art direction for Métier, the world’s first performance road cycling garments with integrated wearable technology.

Métier produces performance cycling apparel with integrated wearable technology. The brand exists to ‘light the way’ for the future of road cycling apparel innovation, by developing design-focussed performance garments that meet the company’s mission to elevate personal visibility and improve the safety of cyclists.

We art directed the launch campaign for Métier, shooting riders on the infamous Passo San Boldo in the Veneto region of north-eastern Italy with seminal cycling photographer, Camille McMillan — the location providing a perfect aesthetic echo of the garments’ integrated LED technology.

The Métier logo, with its binary ‘É’, is a visual expression of the wearable technology central to the design of the collection, while also capturing the brand’s ambition to create ‘a shift in the market and in mindset’.

The logo’s visual language was developed into a series of striking graphic patterns and product details, printed in high-visibility reflective inks on the backs of the garments, as well as functional trims such as the hem grippers.

A supporting set of brand pictograms — that appear on the website as well as user manuals that come with the garments — were designed to illustrate various proprietary product benefits, such as the Métier BrightRide™ LED system, 4-way stretch fabrics, and their hydrophobic quick-dry technology.

The second collection, ‘Element’, utilised unique technical fabrics that incorporate Graphene G+ technology — designed to deliver optimum levels of thermoregulation in all seasons. We directed the launch film using thermal imaging cameras to demonstrate how the fabric technology redistributes heat around your body during exercise.

Thank–yous & Credits

Photography: Camille McMillan & Luke Atkinson
Studio Photography: Yeshen Venema & Luke Atkinson
Films: Camille McMillan
Editing: Rhys Atkinson
Sound Design: Jack Sedgwick for wave studios