‘Les Disparus’ 1914-1918

Held at Rapha’s London Clubhouse, Exhibition 13 explored the history of the Tour de France since its conception in 1903. We were commissioned to design a print, along with the likes of Paul Smith, Colophon Foundry and Accept & Proceed. Each print commemorates a moment of significance within each decade of the Tour.

The 1910s, which of course included the First World War, was an incredibly sombre time for Europe and, consequently, for the Tour de France. Our print, a cycling ‘monument’ in the truest sense, honours the brave men that suffered at the frontiers of the Tour during its formative years, before making the ultimate sacrifice on the battlefields of WW1.

A tribute to ‘Les Disparus’, or 'The Disappeared’. Those brave riders who were lost to the Great War, but paved the way for the modern Tour de France.

Our poster displays the names of the cyclists who were lost to the Great War, as well as anecdotes and folklore about their performances at the Tour de France. The typography is designed to mirror the war memorials across the French countryside upon which their names are inscribed. ‘Mort Pour la France’.

We were delighted to take part alongside such brilliant designers: Choque Le Goff, Paul Smith, Studio Lowrie, Colophon Foundry, APFEL, Soft Power, Accept + Proceed, Actual Source, NoSport, Commercial Type, Colin Doerffler, as well as the Rapha Design Studio themselves.

Thank–yous & Credits

Exhibition Identity: Patrick Wylde-Mafham
Clubhouse Photography: Honor Elliot