Our man, Dan.

Daniel Schofield is an award-winning product and furniture designer (and good friend) who has created products for Another Country, Made by Benchmark, The Conran Shop Official, Hayche, Ishinomakilab, SCP, Very Good & Proper and WOUD amongst others.

In Dan’s own words, ‘… no detail should exist without reason, so I take a reductive approach to materials, form and function … solving problems in the simplest possible way, and distilling the result into a clean, honest and understated aesthetic’.

We created a modern, and minimal identity for Dan, but one that exudes honesty and character in equal measure — just as it should for a super-talented young designer who’s work speaks for itself.

To reflect Dan’s reductive approach in his work, we used one typeface in a single weight throughout. ‘Visuelt’ by our friends at Colophon Foundry gives the identity warmth and confidence, care of the typeface’s charming and considered characters.

We designed Dan’s website following the same principle — minimising the amount of information on screen at any one time until the point at which it’s needed, and in doing so placing emphasis on the essential and allowing the work to speak for itself.

‘Charming and meaningful objects that operate in an area between obviousness and intrigue, and, above all, aim to make life that bit better.’